What is a Public Adjuster?
A public adjuster is a professional claims adjuster who represents ONLY the policy holder at the time of loss. Unlike staff adjusters or independent adjusters who are paid to represent the insurance company, the public adjuster is loyal, responsive, and dedicated to serving only you, the insured.

Can't I file my own claim?
Certainly, but it might not be in your best interest to do so. Property owners often may not be completely familiar with the terms and conditions of their insurance policy, nor their rights and obligations in the event of a loss.

Why can't I expect the insurance company adjuster to handle the adjustment for both the company and me?
The company adjuster is paid by the insurance company. He may offer or even dictate his assistance in the adjustment of your claim, but his primary purpose is to represent the interest of the insurance company.

Why can't I use a contractor who assures me he will make the repairs, as well as handle the details of the adjustment for me?
There are those contractors who claim to be experts in the field of claims adjustment. However, do they hold an adjuster's license issued by the State Board of Insurance? Probably not. In reality, they are usually able to collect only enough money to make repairs as they see them.

Why can't my agent handle the loss for me?
Your agent is trained and paid for determining your insurance needs. He is not trained to adjust claims. Remember, your agent is actually working for the insurance company. When you ask someone to divide his loyalties, you usually compromise his position.

Will the Public Adjuster's fee be included in my claim?
No. The Public Adjuster's fee, usually a small percentage of the settlement, is paid by the insured after payment is received from the insurance company. This fee is offset by securing an appropriate recovery in excess of what the average insured can obtain himself.

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