"Don't let filing a claim be your next disaster"

public adjusting servicesWho will be there to fight for you, to insure that you receive a fair settlement?

When disaster strikes - fire, tornado, hurricane, flood, theft or other insured perils - often filing a claim can be as onerous as the disaster itself. For over twenty seven years, Kubala And Company, Inc. has fought for the rights of policy holders, to insure that they recover the maximum amount to which they are entitled. Our dedication to our clients and our knowledge of this industry are the keys to the success we achieve for policy holders.

The rebuilding process begins with an accurate and comprehensive assessment of your loss.

To obtain an accurate assessment, you need a licensed claims adjuster who is not only trained to discover and assess damages, but who also possesses the experience and knowledge of the insurance industry to ensure you recover a full amount of which you are entitled under your policy. Kubala And Company, Inc. is a professional claims adjuster who represents only you, the insured at the time of loss. Unlike staff adjusters or independent adjusters who are paid to represent the insurance company, we are responsive, loyal, and dedicated to serving ONLY YOU!

Kubala And Company, Inc. gives you the professional representation you need to expedite, simplify and maximize your recovery.

Kubala And Company, Inc. can navigate the complex issues surrounding your loss. Insurance policies can be very complex and are subject to riders and revisions that may affect your coverage. We know your rights under your policy and the latest changes in insurance regulations. And with legal counsel, structural engineers, and certified public accountants who specialize in this field, we have the necessary tools to obtain results. Consequently, Kubala And Company, Inc. will not only help you recover the maximum amount of which you are entitled, but will also expedite the claim settlement and simplify the process for you. When you choose Kubala And Company, Inc., it is our business to:

*Personally and thoroughly investigate and evaluate the damaged property.
*Estimate structural damages, including reports from a certified structural engineer when necessary.
*Assess inventory, machinery, fixtures, business interruption and rental losses.
*Prepare and file all necessary insurance papers and claim forms.
*Attend meetings and inspections with insurance company adjusters and representatives.

Kubala And Company, Inc. adjusters are licensed by various state boards of insurance. They routinely attend continuing education seminars to stay abreast of all the latest changes in insurance policies and regulations. Our integrity, dedication to our clients and our knowledge of this industry has established Kubala And Company, Inc. as the industry leader.

We are committed to providing you with exceptional service.

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